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My New Addiction: Facebook Groups

My name is Erin and I am totally addicted to Facebook groups.

Starting my blog and my graphic design business has been a fantastic experience. It has been hard navigating new territory and trying to make the best decisions in order to be successful. As a result, I have immersed myself in podcasts, blogs, and Facebook groups to inspire creativity, get encouragement, and learn what others have done in their businesses. I mention my favorite blogs and podcasts in the sidebar of this blog, but I have not spoken about the Facebook groups as of yet.

If you had to ask me to describe my Facebook groups in one word, I couldn’t do it. Some of them are motivating, some are really quirky and make me laugh, and others are really technical and talk about HTML Coding or design. I’m in Facebook groups for designers, entrepreneurs, leadership, marketing, blogging, etc. They have names like Bloggers Supporting Each Other, Savvy Business Owners, Designer Boss-Ladies, From Designer to Director Virtual Community, Digital Marketing Squad, and The Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss-Lady. Needless to say, I AM ADDICTED. I have gotten ideas on what typeface (font) to use on a project, what hosting platform to use for my websites, and I’ve made contacts from all over the world. I even met someone in one of the design groups that lives near me and we are going to hang out and talk “shop” over lunch one day this week.

Within the Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss-Lady group, I had noticed that there were people who do card readings for members of the group. Whenever this happens, the person posts within the group and asks if anyone wants to have a card reading and says that they will be doing it for X (number of) minutes. People comment on the post and then get a card reading. I have inevitably been late to the party and by the time I see it, it is long over and the commenting has been turned of. *sigh*

But today was my lucky day, I discovered the post within the timeframe and was quick to comment so I could experience what this would be like. This particular card reading was specific to love and relationships. It was really fun to watch this whole thing transpire. As I was watching the post, the card reading bad-ass boss-lady would post the card that she had drawn as a reply to each person. She mentioned in her original post that in order to get an accurate reading you had to “set your intentions” and “focus on a question/person/situation.”

So here I am watching these cards pop up as replies under people’s names and I am anxiously awaiting mine. And then, . . . it happened. Mine popped up and it was awesome! It was actually just what I needed to hear, if you can believe it. Who knows whether or not that kind of thing has any basis in fact, but I loved it! Here was my card:

card reading
My card reading from my Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss-Lady Facebook group.

I am so often reminded, in moments like these, that I really am better off today than I was in June (prior to losing my job). It felt so awful at the time and I loved the people that I worked with SO much. However, I was never taking time for myself and I was putting in way too much effort for a job that really didn’t value me. Taking the time to explore blogging, join Facebook groups, or even think about what I really want to do in life would never have been possible before. And I certainly would have never taken the time (late on a Tuesday afternoon) to stop what I was doing and get a card reading. Ummmm, this new life rocks! Ha!

P.S. Thank you to Brittany Spain, member of the Facebook group Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss-Lady for reminding me to “…trust that when I’m doing what’s best for me and being the happiest version of myself, the right sorts of relationships will appear in my life. That means I can let go of all of my worries about the future, knowing that my only job is to be happy in this moment… .”


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